Jessica Lynn - 20 - NY

i texted you 2 days ago apologizing for everything and you still haven’t answered

i told you that i don’t expect you to answer after all the shit i said to you

but i still hoped you would answer, even if it was a bullshit response

but you know me too well and knew that not answering at all would upset me more

i just want you back. i don’t care how awful i felt when i was with you sometimes, nothing and no one compares to you.  i can’t find anyone else that i feel comfortable with and i’ve never felt so fucking lonely without you.  you were the one person who really understood me and i really think that you gave a shit about me for a while until things went downhill.  and i need you back.  i fucking need you.  i don’t know who i am without you.  i’m so sorry for all the things i said and did to you. just please answer me. please come back. i’ve never needed someone like this. i feel like a huge part of me is missing and it fucking sucks. i would do anything to go back to last year, or even just last august. please. i can’t lose you and you fucking know it. don’t do this to me